Why We Use Webflow For Our Web Design Projects

We are in a new era. Not just in the world of design - but in the general sense of technology. And as it could have been predicted, both of these industries have collided to allow web designers to create faster, more meaningful, visually dynamic, and traffic driven websites.

It is now easier than ever to take your idea and launch it into existence as platforms such as Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix, have made it a simple process to throw together stock images, select from a decent set of templates, and a fairly simple drag-and-drop design system, and publish it to the web in just a few hours. As more and more people look to side hustles and passive income, the idea of starting a business without having to pay for a web designer, developer, and graphic designer can be an ideal solution for people looking to get their business idea off the ground.

So what's the problem?

For people just looking for a quick DIY solution - there is no problem. In fact, we started off creating our websites on Wix followed by Squarespace. They are great tools for establishing an online presence. But as we realized quickly, there are severe limitations with these online web builders that we could no longer work around. The main issue is the fact that businesses have their own unique pain points and problems. Applying cookie-cutter templates, animations, and fonts, don't help your brand tell your story in a way that will increase engagement in current and prospective customers.

Your website should communicate your mission through a hierarchy that is tailored to solve your specific business problems in a way that engages and drives conversion the most.

And unfortunately you just can't solve these types of problems with these online platforms. There just isn't enough customization without the use of code. And as 2022 approaches, no-code design is becoming an industry standard in web design.

What is No-Code Design?

No code development allows for traditional designers to create websites using a graphical interface instead of using code to build websites. This allows designers to bypass the need to use developers which allows the creation of super fast and sophisticated websites. Instead of writing code and this code displaying on your website based on your HTML or CSS, no-code uses it's interface to translate the position and style of your website into code - so it basically is working in reverse by creating the code based on the drag-and-drop interface.


After years of using Squarespace, we stumbled upon Webflow in January of 2021. It took all but 30 seconds of watching their ad on YouTube to convince us to check it out - and boy am I glad we did.

We immediately fell in love with the visual interface. The content management system and speed is top of the line. And the best part? It is 100% no-code.

Benefits of using Webflow

  • SSL Certified
  • Drag and Drop page builder allow you to customize each page.
  • Custom animations and interactions
  • SEO friendly webpages
  • Publish edits directly on the page
  • World-class webhosting with minimal downtime for web visitors

Where can you find an online website builder, with complete customization, world class speeds, and a visual design editor that literally spits out code for you? The answer? Not too many places. And that's why we value Webflow more than any other website builder we have come across.

What about WordPress?

WordPress is still the most popular and widely used website builder to date. It used on close to 34% of all websites. The main appeal to WordPress is the ease of use. Using plugins and templates, designers can create eloquent and high functioning websites with no knowledge of code. It is a trustworthy platform to use - but there are some drawbacks.

Unfortunately if you want a completely customized design you would have to build it from scratch with WordPress using code. WordPress is typically powered by themes and plugins that also have to be regularly updated to maintain functionality on published sites. This can become a time-wasting task, especially if you manage multiple websites.

Our Solution

At the end of the day, these platforms come and their impact on your business is all subjective to what works best for you. Webflow is a powerful, innovative, and allows us to customize our sites to the very last pixel - providing us with endless options when it comes to providing solutions to business problems.

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