How Graphic Design Fuels The eSports Industry

The days where parents scold their kids for playing video games instead of playing outside and having a normal life is so far behind us it's not even funny.

These days - those very kids get paid to sit and go absolute ape-shit on their favorite video games - with sometimes thousands of people watching live. This is the time we are living in. Entrepreneurship, technology, and gaming have come together to create an industry that is expected to be worth 1.8 billion this year.

So what does that mean? That there is a huge piece of that pie that is reserved strictly for the creatives - especially graphic designers.

How can designers thrive in this industry?

Simply put. It's a growing industry. As more and more organizations get involved, the more design jobs these gamers will need fulfilled. Whether it's a single individual, a high school esports team, or a professional gaming organization, graphic designers play an intricate role in the recruitment, branding, and success of these respected gamers.

Jerseys, merchandise, social media branding; Successful organizations such as the KC Pioneers have utilized talented graphic designers to grow their brand on social media with tremendous growth and success. With a target market that usually involves younger people and even children, and adding in the sports feel that gaming manifests as well, these gamers are drawn to amazing design and will pay a decent chunk of cash to implement this into their brands.

Try reaching out to these streamers and get involved with the industry to help put some extra cash in your pocket.

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